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R W Dixon Enterprises has spun-off a new name for their Yamaha line of products.

The new name is MrSilverTrumpet.

We have been using this name on Ebay, YouTube, now on Amazon a number of years.

Same owner, same great service.

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Yamaha's entry-level standard acoustic violins feature high-end specifications at a student-friendly price.

The AV5 student acoustic violins include features usually found on more expensive instruments. Combining traditional craftsmanship with Yamaha's advanced technology. These violins are designed, sized, and priced for beginning and intermediate students. They combine the quality Yamaha is known for with value that teachers, parents, and students will enjoy.

All models feature:

AV5-SC Violin includes:

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The AV5 SC comes 7 different sizes
The price is the same for all sizes

Which size should you get?
The following chart can be used as a guideline for size and age.

Age of Player

Player's Arm Length
(From the neck to middle of palm)

Violin Sizes

Violin Measurements
Length: Body/Total

12 years to Adult


4/4 or Full size

14" / 23.5"

9-12 years


3/4 size

13" / 21"

7-9 years


1/2 size

12.5" / 20.5"

5-7 year


1/4 size

11" / 19"

4-6 years


1/8 size

10" / 17"

4-5 years


1/10 size

9" / 16"

3-5 years



8" / 14.5"


Yamaha Comparison Chart

Watch this video to get a great understanding to why Yamaha violins are top quality instruments
and why you will will not be disappointed in your decission of owing one.

Free Accessories includes:

Yamaha GCT1 Tuner $24.95
FREE (with purchase)

Yamaha GCT1 Tuner

The GCT1 is a new tuner that offers precision tuning for the Violin, Bass and Guitar

Simply select instrument’s mode for quick and accurate tuning.

The GCT1's blue LCD screen is easy to read

The portable design makes it easy to go with you and it can be easily rotated in different directions and angles to give yoi a clear view while tuning.


Music Stand $14.99
FREE (with purchase)

This American classic design is perfect for use in the classroom and at home. Complete with an included gig bag, this stand folds for easy storage and portability with a spring-loaded trigger release. The two section vertical shaft with cam locking clutch and tilting book plate features make this stand adjustable for sitting or standing positions. The fold out extensions with a size point hinge system can hold three 8.5" x 11" steets. Other features include:

•Tribod style legs
•Book Plate: 9" foldable with 1" return lip
•Height adjustment: 26" - 40"
•Base spread: 21"
•Black powder coat finish

Ingles Adjustable Violin/Viola Stand $34.50
FREE (with purchase)

This great Violin stand will allow you to keep your instrument and bow, with it's shoulder rest attached, ready to play.
Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the instrument's bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck.
The bow hangs from a cushioned hook out of harm's way, behind the instrument and off the floor.
Grip knobs for easy adjustment to height of stand.
Sturdy metal construction.
Fully adjustable stand fits all Yamaha Violin and Viola sizes.

This violin is brand new in a box!!

All Violins come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

All shipping is exclusively with:

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Because I am an authorized Yamaha Dealer in the USA I cannot compete with Yamaha Dealers in other countries. This means I can only ship to addresses within the USA


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