The illustration below is of a Silent Brass for Trumpet (SB7-9), The mute (PM7) goes into the bell of the instrument. This mute has a built-in microphone that captures all your sound. An audio wire comes out the mute and plugs into a miniature amplifier (ST9 Personal Studio Module). Out from the amplifier are headphones that allow you to hear yourself as if the mute were never there!

A nice feature with the ST9 is you can input accompaniment music and play along with it.

This system will allow any brass instrument player of any age, from beginner to professional to play their instrument in near silence. This is great for people living in an apartment, condo, townhouse, dormitory, barracks, or even your bedroom. This will be sure to make your neighbors and family members happy when you are playing.

So how quiet is the Silent Brass System and how well does it allow you to keep your proper pitch?

Below are the different types of mutes available.

These products make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, and graduation gifts for seniors going off to college.

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